Packing Panache: How to Take Your Lingerie on the Road

“What will I wear?” That’s probably the first question you ask yourself when you think about how to pack a suitcase for a trip. But, equally important is, “What will I wear . . . underneath?” It’s a package deal. Think about it. Have you ever packed your favorite sultry sundress – and not your strapless bra? Or, have you forgotten that perfect bra you always wear with your t-shirts, the one that caresses your curves but maintains your modesty?

2013 Industry Review: New Prescription for Healthcare Maladies

It’s no secret that 2013 brought significant changes to the healthcare industry. In response to the changing landscape, we created and implemented new strategies and technologies to help hospitals adapt to their new reality and continue to provide outstanding care. Here are a few of our top takeaways from 2013: Simulation training offers proven, cost-effective solutions. We were honored this year when the American Hospital Association (AHA) recognized Simulation-Based Training from Raytheon Pro

Peel Your Personal Onion

You’ve probably heard of the Socratic Method, but what is it exactly and what does it mean for you today? Socrates (470-399 BC) was a Greek philosopher who questioned his students in an unending search for truth. He sought to get to the foundations of his students’ and colleagues’ views by asking continual questions until a contradiction was exposed, thus proving the fallacy of the initial assumption. This became known as the Socratic Method, and may be Socrates’ most enduring contribution to p